Hubert Le Gall, « Sculptor of emotions »

For the fifth time, Elisabeth Delacarte will present in 2016 a solo exhibit by Hubert Le Gall. Exactly 20 years after the gallerist first met the artist, this latest collaboration will highlight new functional art pieces with an intense emotional impact.

Hubert Le Gall wields his palette marvellously to transform our everyday space. His approach consists in revisiting and giving new meaning to furniture and the decorative arts.

In 1997, Avant-Scène presented his first exhibition of vegetal inspirations with works which have become « timeless » today: his famous daisy tables and flower commodes.

The following exhibitions will reveal new sources of inspiration: zoomorphic with creations based on a poetic bestiary bringing together a Bull cabinet with a Heron side table ; geometric abstractions as found in his mirrors or his Igloo chest of drawers ; the Universe of the circus where his rabbits and sheeps try to be funnier that the other. Hubert Le Gall never ceases to surprise us.

The originality and imagination of this atypical artist resides in a permanent alchemy combining a taste for, and a vast familiarity with, traditional furniture, but always with a discrepancy somewhat derisive of our classics and our overly « respectable » furniture...for him!

Humor and optical games constitute an inexhaustible foundation of work for this "sculptor of emotion" who also works on the scenography of many exhibitions.

Hubert Le Gall admits to maintaining a relationship built on trust with Elisabeth Delacarte, reinforced by a certain complicity. « I create first for the Gallery Avant-Scène because it's my Parisian showcase and I give them exclusivity on principle.»


“Born in 1961, Hubert Le Gall is a sculptor, designer and scenographer. Having completed his studies in Economics and Finance (to please his family), Hubert Le Gall finally opted to paint mainly portraits, especially of his friends (Jacques Garcia, Yaguel Didier).

Panels mixing drawings, painting and photography became tabletops and allowed the artist to furtively enter the field of interior design.

In 1997, the Avant-Scène Gallery presented his first exhibition of vegetal inspired works that have since become “timeless”: the Daisy table and the Flower chest of drawers.  At that time, the pieces that will make him famous are created: the Spectre lamp and the Sculpture lamp, the Flower Pot chair, the Shadow mottled carpet the Vase cabinet.

His favorite material is bronze though Hubert Le Gall appreciates all materials: plaster, resin, wood, glass and ceramic which he works with the same curiosity in his Montmartre workshop which once belonged to the painter Bonnard.

A constant manipulator of symbols who inserts humor in his work through diversions and allusion, Hubert Le Gall unabashedly plays with words and objects, forms and functions — with function remaining an integral part of this dialectic of irony. His Flower tables are tray and bookends, his Bouquet of Flowers is also the base of a vase, his chests of drawers have been worked on all four sides, his Flower Pot becomes a chair, his sheep, a chest of drawers, his Dorian mirror, a puzzle and his Bull, a cabinet.

Hubert Le Gall surprises, moves and delights us crossing and assimilating the references (Jean-Michel Frank, Jean Royère, André Dubreuil, Giacometti, Dalí, Jean-Pierre Raynaud) with an rich bestiary, vegetals and geometry.
His taste for hybridization and an innate understanding of links to be made, do wonders for the enhancement of the works by other creators.

Since 2000, Hubert Le Gall has excelled as a scenographer for exhibitions, especially for  Canaletto-Guardi and Van Dyck (Jacquemart-André Museum, Paris, 2012 and 2008), Design vs. Design (Grand Palais National Galleries, Paris, 2007), René Lalique. Jewels of Exception (Luxembourg Museum, Paris, 2007), Mélancolie. Génie et folie en Occident (Grand Palais National Galleries, Paris, 2005), Frida Kahlo-Diego Rivera, Art in Fusion (L’Orangerie Museum, Paris 2013), The Borgias (Maillol Museum, Paris 2014), or Male/Male, The Male Nude in Art from 1800 to today (d’Orsay Museum, Paris 2015) …

His works are part of the permanent collections of several institutions: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada; La Piscine Museum, Roubaix, France; the Mobilier National collection, Paris, France; Embassies of France and the City of Paris Town Hall.”

Excerpted from the biographical opus “Hubert Le Gall”, by Jean-Louis Gaillemin, Norma Editions, 2013

Hubert Le Gall in six dates
1997: First solo exhibition of art furniture at the Avant-Scène Gallery, Paris
2003: First scenographic assignment with the Edouard Vuillard Retrospective Exhibition at the Grand Palais, Paris. He has since signed over 60 scenography projects for various prestigious museums. 
2005:  Solo exhibition at the Avant-Scène Gallery
2007: Solo exhibition with the Avant-Scène Gallery at the Arts Pavilion, Paris.
2012: Solo exhibition at the Avant-Scène Gallery: “Hubert Le Gall goes Circus”
2016: Solo exhibition at the Avant-Scène Gallery: “Spring Bubbles”