In the great tradition of early 20th century architectural designers, Elizabeth Delacarte offers her clientèle a global “overview”, custom tailored to their living environments. In this way, interior design recovers its original expression and mission.


Along with her career as Gallery Director, Elisabeth Delacarte also acts as an Interior Designer. In 1989, she launched an interior architecture practice integrated with the gallery to assist clients in reorganizing their personal or professional space while integrating their new acquisitions.


She has since handled a wide variety of types of projects from the progressive integration of Avant-Scène furnishings into an existing decor to a total transfer of the gallery's atmosphere into a personal space as well as the complete make-over of a home's interior design.


Elisabeth Delacarte believes in listening attentively to her clients before creating a design project especially adapted to their personalities and lifestyles.


For her, " Pure happiness is being able to conceive an interior adapted to their personalities but especially one which they would have never dared imagine! I adore blending the elegant with the unusual. I especially value visual harmony between forms, colors and materials in subtle doses."


Her conception of design is characterized by a high degree of discernment, precision and attention to detail at every stage of the project - from the remodelling of volumes, the consulting of building firms and craftsmen and the selection of construction materials to the choice of fabrics, decorative objects and furnishings, not necessarily chosen from the Avant-Scène Gallery.


The Avant-Scène Style : Elegant and Singular

Architecture intérieure décoration