Welcome to Avant-Scène

The Avant-Scène gallery is considered a reference in the world of decorative fine furnishings. The creations it highlights receive high praise from both discerning enthusiasts and the media, as well as from auction experts.


For Elisabeth Delacarte, the raison d'être of the Avant-Scène Gallery is to provide an exceptional place to exhibit the original creations of a young generation of artists, and to launch them in all independence, usually by organizing their first exhibitions.


«In the 1980s, everything was “design”. Confronted with this world of perfect industrial production, I felt an immense need for poetry, fantasy and... a certain imperfection! It was in the traditional techniques of bronze and plaster work, of hammered iron and ceramics that I found this poetry, this audacity that is essential to me".


Whatever their privileged domains of expression, the Gallery's artists evolve in a world of creation that is somehow related to baroque.

At Avant-Scène, Baroque is synonymous with movement, lyricism, incongruity or eccentricity: the symbolism and extravagance of a Mark Brazier-Jones, the poetic language of a Franck Evennou, the inventiveness tinged with humour of Hubert Le Gall, the lyric abstraction of Mino ... «These creators are children of both Spielberg and Michelangelo!»

The artists chosen by Elisabeth Delacarte, who were mostly trained as sculptors, propose a highly personal vision of daily life. Each work tells an original story, imbued with magic and the unusual; the guiding light being art applied to a functional object.


The mark of each artist's hand is present in each work. And the exigency of each required the talents of many French craftsmen to obtain real quality of execution. Only one of a kind pieces or limited edition of 8, 25 or 50 copies offer the rarity sought by impassioned collectors of contemporary creations


In addition to running her gallery, Elizabeth Delacarte is an interior decorator. She takes great care understanding her clients so that her projects not only meet their requirements, they exceed their wildest dreams !


Elisabeth Delacarte

It is said she dreamed of being a music conductor, but for the past twenty years, Elisabeth Delacarte has been orchestrating the decorative arts instead.


Like an experienced music-lover, she has preferred solo performances to the orchestra pit, expressing her virtuosity in the framework of the Avant-Scène Gallery.


She faithfully defends her taste for baroque fantasy: a labelling she assumes as fully today as in the past. She sets herself beyond fashion and trends.


Discreet and obstinate, Elisabeth Delacarte follows the path that she has carved out for herself, resolutely supporting the best that's produced in the decorative arts.


Elisabeth Delacarte devotes her energy to two complimentary activities : the discovery and promotion of contemporary creators creating interior designs for her Parisian clients More than an address, her Avant-Scène Gallery has become an institution for those who share her love of the exceptional, who seek that extra touch of originality, fantasy, poetry and humor.


Over the past 30 years, the name 'Avant-Scène' has imposed itself like a wink at its neighbour, the Théâtre de l'Europe, place de l'Odéon, in the heart of an area devoted to the arts. A perfect spot for the renewal of the decorative arts for which Elisabeth Delacarte has been striving.


Avant-Scène pieces regularly “make the event” at auctions. The sale of Elizabeth Delacarte’s private collection set records at Artcurial, further testimony that the fine furnishings in her gallery can compare with works of art.