" What is striking about this artist is the depth of her vision. In following her calm and solitary path, she does not stop at the surface, but goes beyond toward some mysterious background, which is her secret." Patrick Modiano (2001)In the 1980s, Elisabeth Delacarte discovered the work of Mino through the great murals she had painted for the Minister of Culture on a gabled wall of the 12th arrondissement of Paris of the Centre National des Lettres. As soon as Avant-Scène opened in 1986, Mino found her natural place among the exhibitions of contemporary furniture artists, the Gallery's specific vocation. As Charles Dantzig pointed out in Femme, Nov. 2001, "Her painting, even if it has evolved, already showed its essential qualities : vivacity, light, decisiveness, exhilaration...Mino's works gives only the contours, evoking more than it shows..." Throughout all these years, Avant-Scène has presented the multiple facets of Mino's creativity: painted canvas covers, folding screens, paintings, small sculptures, painted metal toys. During a long stay in Spain in the 1990s, her sculpture began to soar in new directions, evolving from bas reliefs toward rounded forms. With regards to her painting work, ever more abstract, her sculpting gives free course to forms more sensual and primitive surrounding her favorite themes : Venus, feet, hands and algae. Somewhere between the vegetal and animal worlds, the Venus of Mino has a sober grace, that never loses touch with an almost childlike. force.