The Poet

Franck Evennou uses stone, wood and bronze as the inks to write the stanzas of an endless poem. Elizabeth Delacarte met the artist in 1991 and was moved by the beauty of his design expression. She has represented his work since then.

Free to roam across the borders between design and art, Franck Evennou creates statues as well as furniture, decorative objects or jewelry. Away from the whirlwind of Paris, the artist finds calm and inspiration near the medieval city of Senlis.

In his home based workshop, he draws and shapes the plaster moulds he uses to cast his pieces in bronze, a material he is particularly fond of with its golden or brown patina.

He finds his inspiration in the eternal tale spun by nature, the artist’s true muse. Thus, he creates his collections based on his observation of organic silhouettes in landscapes, of the play of light and shadows in the underbrush, of volcanic faults or of the mysterious surface of rivers under which the aquatic flora is intertwined.

Private assignments for Elizabeth Delacarte clients as well as public commissions provide Franck Evennou with numerous opportunities to create works for residences and such institutions as the French Embassy in Beyrouth, the Mobilier National or the private Musée de la chasse et de la nature (Museum of Hunting and Nature).

At the Avant-Scène Gallery, Franck Evennou presents his works as so many stories that will in turn resonate in the public’s imagination.