François DIMECH

Born in Cotentin in 1949. Works in Paris and in the Haut Var.

      First stay in Greece on the island of Aegina, determining for the work to come; paintings and drawings. Obtained a workshop from the city of Paris, first works of plaster luminaries. With the years, one ends up understanding better the importance of what was for me this revelation: Greece.

     From this first contact with the country more than forty years ago, I kept this dazzle among these warm stones, its centenary olive trees and the sea a little lower down... I understood then that I belonged to this Mediterranean world. The olive trees, the lampadophores, all the sanctuaries and figures, the Rames of Ulysses.



Born in 1949 in Normandy.
1967 Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, enters the sculpture workshop of Etienne Martin.
1979 First stay in Greece, determining for the work to come, drawing and painting work.
1995 Obtains a workshop from the City of Paris, the first plaster lampadophore. 
1997 First order of the gallery Avant-Scène - bronze candlestick "Three branches and birds" .
2000 "Lyre I", bronze sculpture in front of a Center for the disabled, City of Vervins.
2002 Artist book at the French Institute of Athens.