Pascale Riberolles worked as a stylist-colorist, designer, teacher, "glass-maker", then ceramist. She synthesizes these various practices in an unclassifiable work at the edge of the artist's object, of the craftsman's object, of the object of art. She claims her work as being the expression of a contemporary decorative art.

Her dishes and plates are made of enamelled faience. The patterns are imprinted and incrustations are sometimes added. The decorations are then enamelled and protected with a transparent cover.

The prints are made with Indian batik stamps but also with delicate crocheted lace, antique bronzes, cut woods, jewels, rubber stamps, "homemade" tools, stamped brass from the Janvier-Gruson house (created in 1829), etc ... all completely retouched, decomposed and recomposed.
One can find a mixture of influences in these creations: the tradition of the early XXth century slip, the crafts of the French countryside, the folklore of the Balkans, an Indian spirit as well as the influence of the Iznik ceramics...



Professional training
1981-1983 : School of Applied Arts Duperré. 
European Center for Research and Training in Glass Arts. 

1st exhibition in 1996 at the Braggiotti gallery in Amsterdam. 
Personal and regular exhibitions at the Tony Rocfort Gallery in Rennes, the Glasgalerie in Cologne and the Braggiotti Gallery in Amsterdam. 
Among the many group exhibitions, Avant-Scène Gallery in Paris, Barovier Gallery in Venice and the Glass Museum of Denmark. 
Several pieces were purchased by the Sars-Poteries Glass Museum. 

Laureate of the Bettencourt prize for "the intelligence of the hand" in 2001.