Vincent COLLIN

Vincent Collin works bronze, forged or beaten metal, in a desire to refine lines. The idea of ​​form is enhanced by the absence of any superfluous decoration. The finishes and patinas made by hand bring to each object that extra soul which tends to make it "unique" and brings it closer to the object-sculpture.



Vincent Collin was born in 1963. 
He met Olivier Gagnère in 1991 and worked with him for four years. 
In 1995, Vincent Collin was at the origin of the first collection of the « Edition Limitée » editions. 
He is recognized as an explorer of natural materials. His pieces are distinguished by their extraordinary size and work around the diversion of the material, ceramic buffet, concrete luminaires... 
1996: Awarded the “Découverte de la Création” prize
1997: Collection of ceramic and wood pieces for Prisunic
1998: Collection of lighting, accessories and furniture in concrete for Prisunic.
1999: His passion for the material led him to take the Artistic Direction of the Manufacture of Porcelain Virbent. 
Since then he made over 400 models of lighting and furniture, some for prestigious places such as French embassies abroad, luxury hotels and private homes around the world.