Poetic nature

The diverse body of Andrea Salvetti’s work freely crosses the boundaries between sculpture and design. This is the reason why Elisabeth Delacarte has been choosing to share with the public his unique poetic world inspired by Mother Nature.

The Tuscan landscape that surrounds Salvetti has been a longstanding source of inspiration. In Lucca where he lives and works, the artist makes pieces that evoke the plant world.

Each piece’s uniqueness is an essential quality, because none of them could be produced without the personal and manual intervention of the artist.

The collection embodies themes that are dear to Avant Scène: worked metal, natural and fantastical forms that suggest an organic imaginary world.

The plant-like aesthetic and an attachment to the artist’s homeland are the key themes, reflecting the artist’s recent prolific creative activity bringing together art, design and philosophical enquiry.

Andrea Salvetti is an artist-designer who sees his work as part of the wider culture of biodynamics. His work exceeds the practice of sculpture.

In parallel, he is involved in artistic and culinary performance, and creating monumental installations for public spaces. These latter have a powerful ornamental dimension but are also functional.

Salvetti’s work is made to be experienced, to nourish the spirit and offer ideas that address the preoccupations that drive this current of thinking.

Monograph "Terra terra". Electa Publishing.



Andrea Salvetti in seven dates:

1967: birth in Bozzano, Tuscany, Italy. 
1993: After studying architecture at the University of Florence, move to Lucca (Tuscany) and creation of his sculpture workshop.
1996: first exhibition of cast aluminum armchairs. 
1999: 48th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion, art and gastronomy project. 
2011: "Natura e cultura", solo exhibition at Avant-Scène gallery (May), and "Cuppola", installation of a monumental sculpture, Place de l'Odéon (November). Paris. 
2012: "Domestic Nature", solo exhibition Design art Miami Basel, USA.
2015: "Metalli Vegetalli", solo exhibition at the Avant Scène Gallery, Paris.
2017: Death in Grossetto, Italy