Claire de Lavallée works all the clays and colors - sandstone, earthenware, porcelain, ocher, white and dark clays ... She enjoys playing with flexible and moving forms. Her bright and sparkling enamels often only partially cover the pieces, revealing the raw material between two drips or on the edge. Her large deep blue basins invite to weightlessness, her platinum cups have the brilliance of the stars... the set evokes portraits of planets and nebulae, maps of the sky.

Long self-taught in ceramic technique, Claire de Lavallée later studied with Héléna Klug, and sought to compose her porcelain and sandstone enamels, from talc, from chalk... She learned to work on a potter's wheel with Augusto Tozzola.



1990 Beginnings at Avant-Scène.
1992 Water Lilies for Kenzo.
1994 Serpents for Daum.
1995 / 2000 Numerous creations for the Réunion des Musées Nationaux.
Opus incertum. Creations for the restaurant of Hélène Darroze.
2000 / 2008 Special works for the international: Japan and USA.
2009 Limited edition "The darkness also needs to be honored" for Hermès.
2009 / 2016 Direct cut on wood. Porcelain sculpture: "Les Gisantes" series. 
June 2015 "Causeuse" and "La Sylve", Sculptures in direct carving, at the Galerie Nivet-Carzon, performed with Aurore Laloy for the Sylvia event.