Since the opening of the Gallery, Avant-Scène has presented the many facets of the creation of MINO: paintings, screens and bas-relief. During her long stay in Spain in the 1990s, her sculpture took a new lease, evolving from bas-relief to ronde-bosse. Compared to her painting work, going more and more abstract, her sculpture is open to more sensual and primitive forms around new themes: Venus, feet, hands and heads, trees and seaweeds, birds ...




The painter and sculptor MINO was born in Paris in 1955. She graduated from the Camondo School in 1982 and has been present at the Avant-Scène Gallery since the opening.

MINO in 11 dates:


- 1985 Exhibition SAD, Grand Palais, Paris 
- 2004 Personal exhibition Avant-Scène Gallery 
- 2015 Personal exhibition Tsinandali Museum, Georgia and Château de Sainte-Suzanne, Mayenne


- 1985 Mural painting for Guerlain 
- 1986 Mural painting for the entrance hall of the Ministry of Culture, Paris
- 1987 Winner of the Mural Painting Competition in Paris
- 1990 Mural painting for McCann Erickson, Levallois 
- 1991-1992 Bas-relief and mural painting for the National Center of Letters, Paris
- 1992-1994 Winner of the Casa Velasquez competition, stay in Spain
- 2005 Sculpture-bronze "the Sibyl" for a roof terrace, Clamart
- 2012 Drawings and notebooks "Au-dessus du chemin de Compostelle" de la Martinière Editor